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The band “MOBIUS” was born in San Francisco, California, where it has successfully gained popularity, performing for the past four years. Band’s leader, Eugene Tarasov, who is also the organizer of the REDMarines Music Festival has moved to New York City and continued the path of MOBIUS with new great musicans who have joined him on his quest. The new MOBIUS - East Coast plays alternative rock music, often heavy, but very groovy and melodic, incorporating modern electronic sound. Band’s influences are Radiohead, Muse, Splin, Chizh & Co, Tequillla Jazz, Depeche Mode, Cure and others.

Mobius is currently playing their new, unreleased material.

Original San Francisco-based MOBIUS crew:
Eugene Tarasov - Vocals/Accoustic guitar
Oleg Puzinya- Lead guitar
Ilia Skhvitaridze - Bass
Vitaly Golomb - Drums

MOBIUS - East Coast:
Eugene Tarasov - Vocals/Accoustic guitar/Synth
Valentin Zacharevich - Lead guitar
Dmitri Vishnepolsky - Bass
Josh Salant - Drums
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